People LOVE to buy...but they don't like being "SOLD!"

7 Secrets to getting your prospect to open their wallet...

Are you looking for a better way to stay on the forefront of your clients' minds?

Without nagging them or sounding like a used car salesmen?

Do you want to take the good-guy approach in a slick, wolf-in-sheep's clothing world?

And do it all while increasing your sales exponentially?

Well, that's where we come in.

You see, people LOVE to buy. But they don't really like the idea of being "sold." This is THE number one secret to a successful marketing promotion.

But, you wouldn't believe the number of companies that break the rule.

In fact, most businesses tend to come off a little like Joe Pesci in My Cousin Vinnie. The prospects take one look at the slick sales facade and start running for the hills.

So why do they like "buying" versus being "sold"?

Well, let's look at the psychological root for a second. Buying implies control. Selling implies they are being controlled. Plain and simple.

So what's the 2nd secret to hooking the prospect with your promotion?

You need to appeal to their emotions.

Don't just take my word for's what others are saying about me:

Shannon is my first choice in copywriters for my clients. She is personable and professional while delivering outstanding, clever copy. She asks all the right questions up front and strives to make sure the message matches the medium. Her patience proves she understands the needs and challenges of small businesses. I had one client who couldn't see the value in hiring a copywriter and thought he could do it himself. After one of Shannon's ads he forever changed his mind from "I can do it myself" to "What was I thinking?" Needless to say, her ads are still providing sales impact today.

-Dave Jansen, Consultant -

I'm always impressed by her insight into the target audience and her ability to capture emotion in the words she writes. Plus she's a real pleasure to work with - and one of the most organized and efficient people I know.

-Lois Mentrup, Principal, Compelling Ink LLC

Shannon is always great to work with - delivering concise and creative copy on time, every time.

-Tom Doepker, Graphic Designer

InkedIn Publishing did a fantastic job for us! Shannon was easy to work with and the copy was highly targeted and significantly improved our sales. I'd definitely recommend her!

-Derek Hughes, co-founder of the Golf Green SpeedReader

Yep, when you get right down to it, we're all emotional beings. We do things that make us feel good. We buy products that make us feel powerful, strong, attractive, smart, [insert any positive emotion here]. If it makes us feel good - we can't help ourselves - we'll fork out the dough no matter what it is.

The same can be said for negative emotions. We try to avoid fear, pain, worry - or anything that could make us feel like we're "missing out" on something.

And when we can make a prospect feel the exact emotions we want them to, we know they're hooked.

Top-notch copywriters are also "artists"...they go to great lengths "paint" a visual picture and evoke emotions from the prospects.

I write promotions that make prospects visualize exactly how they'll feel with your product in hand. How powerful they'll feel using your product (greed)... how jealous their neighbors will be when they see them with your product (envy)...what might happen if they don't take advantage of your fantastic offer and they miss out (fear)...and how proud they'll finally make their parents when they attain success using your product (pride).

Which brings us to the 3rd secret of a successful promotion...


All the emotion in the world won't propel a prospect to part with their cold, hard cash without PROOF that your product will do exactly what you claim it will.

Proof is paramount to a campaign that will exceed your wildest revenue goals.

So now that you've piqued their curiosity by appealing to their emotional side, it's time to back up the exact thing that appeals to their innermost cravings.

This is where you list the benefits of your product.

But it takes more finesse than just listing them one by one next to a bullet-point...

You have to describe exactly what's in it for them...what, precisely, your product will do for the prospect. You give them the when, where, what, and how that will reinforce their emotional-buying desires.

So what are the other secrets to getting prospects to open their wallet?

I'll reveal all of them and a private, confidential email to you. Simply click here to receive the remaining 4 secrets to your sales success.

Oh...there's ONE FINAL SECRET to making your prospect open their wallet.

And that's having a skilled, experienced copywriter on your side!

Not just anyone can sit down and whip all the secrets together into a beautiful, clever, creative slice of marketing promotion heaven. It takes a special person who understands what's going on inside the mind of the prospect, the features and benefits of your product - and has the talent to fit together these 2 important pieces of the puzzle.

So that's where InkedIn Publishing comes in...

I work directly with you to learn the ins and outs of your business and what makes your clients tick. I thoroughly review your current marketing approach and look for opportunities to grow your sales by leaps and bounds.

Let me give you an example of what a good copywriter can do for sales...

I wrote a video sales script for an investment research firm. The copy appealed to the emotional aspect that all investors want to get a "leg up" on the Wall Street Fat Cats and beat them at their own game. This particular video promotion saw a 144% increase in revenue-per-email sent over the previous promotion. And an astounding 117% increase in response rate.

I also created website content for a golf putting aid that yielded a 52% increase in sales within 12 months time. How's that for a hole in one?

My approach will not only have your clients coming back for more...but will even increase their respect for you and your business as a trustworthy expert in your field.

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I've worked with a wide array of companies... from golf products to financial institutions to restaurants and coffee houses.

InkedIn Publishing has the experience to create direct to consumer marketing strategies and promotional copy that will grow your business, increase prospects' trust, and ultimately increase your revenue and customer base.


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